Hacking with
a purpose!

There’s a lot of ideas that can make a world a
better place. Do you have some ECO-Gamechangers?
Gather a team and join us!

About us

Hack 2 emerge is a non-stop programming marathon to develop tech solutions for social challenges. We want to inspire programmers, designers and entrepreneurs to get closer to the social realm. This edition is focused on eco-friendly ideas. This concept was introduced by Gulbenkian and generated more than 100 ideas.

Hack with a purpose

Gather a team with skills such as Programming, Marketing, Leadership, entrepreuners.

Eco-Friendly ideas

Aim for that but every problem solver
is welcomed.

Life before business.

To show you how the Azores is a good example how life should be.


1 | Technologies | Pre-Hack

Pre-mentoring 4 sign up teams. 
This phase can help you reduce hacking time during the event.
Since submission until 1st September.
Brainstorming / Business modelling.

2 | Projects / Hack2emerge

You and your team have 30hours to prepare the project.
Non-stop hacking marathon

3 | 2k final pitch 

A five minutes hacked presentation.
The winners will get a 2K money prize.

4 |Terinov Incubation

We know you will love it here.
Stay for a while, terinov will provide you all the conditions.



20:00 | Check-in
20:30 | Network Dinner
21:30 | Kickoff and start hacking
00:00 | Supper


02:00 | Coffee time
06:00 | 1st call for breakfast
08:00 | 2nd call for breakfast
12:00 | Lunch
15:00 | Videogaming area KEO
16:00 | Coffee time
18:00 | Intermediate jury
20:00 | Dinner
21:30 | Final pitch
23:00 | Announce winners
00:00 | Music by Sara Cruz


All day Take a nap
All day | Meet the island

Questions and Answers

This Hack 2 Emerge will happen at Terceira Island (Azores) at the Terinov science park. The event lasts for 3 days, but we want you to stay as long as you want.

You can choose between Sata, Ryainair & Tap. They all fly to our Lajes airport. Check our social media for more information, but we higly recommend that you book your trip as soon as possible.

The event will take place at Terinov. Since this is a marathon, there’s no time to sleep. But we will provide everything you need to take good naps. If you want to stay longer, we have hostels / hotels that are partnered with us. Also, we will have food for every event day.

Mainly 2 languages: Portuguese & English, but theres room for every flag. Remember, Portuguese People are “Desenrascados” (ask us the meaning later).

Whatever you want, but if you won the prize it means you have something special on your hands.

institutional partners

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Join us in our adventure!

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call us!

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